My sweet mom helped me sew some curtain panels, and Keith is in the middle of redoing the fireplace mantel, and it is starting to feel like home in here. ♥ Up next: shiplap!

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I'm so thankful for her. As I've been hibernating my way through the first trimester, she's taken it upon herself to make my bed each day, complete with a handmade gift on the pillow. I'm so blown away by her thoughtful, compassionate heart. #beautifulinsideandout #thankful

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I'm so thankful for her. As I've been hibernating my way through the first trimester, she's taken it upon herself to make my bed each day, complete with a handmade gift on the pillow. I'm so blown away by her thoughtful, compassionate heart. #beautifulinsideandout #thankful

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Thank you all for the sweet comments about our growing family. We are thrilled, and so glad to see so many sharing in our excitement. Thank you! I am still in the first trimester, and am sleeping more than I'm awake. But I did manage to get a few new growth charts listed in the shop, including this one with dapper red plaid. More will (hopefully) be coming, if I can keep my eyes open ;) #growthchart #boysnursery #plaid

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We can't even make this stuff up.  We are shocked, thrilled, and overjoyed to announce that we're hoping to add two kiddos to the family this year!  Our little girl in Ethiopia (hopefully home by the end of the year) and a new baby, due August 25.  God is good! (Everyone is thrilled, except maybe Hammie, who's not so sure about relinquishing his spot as baby of the family!)

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My bigs, with their latest reading lesson. This book has been fantastic, and both of my (extremely different) kids have done great with it. #TeachYourChildToReadIn100EasyLessons #nowwhataretheygoingtodoinkindergarten

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Merry (late) Christmas from our little family! #underachieverschristmascard #andevenitslate

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He is tickled pink that we brought home three goldfish from our small group white elephant gift exchange. (Thanks, @laurabaldwin09 !). Is it awful that we plan to let them live in the lake behind our house? #toobusyraisingkids #notimeforpets #notevenfish

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Happy birthday, sweet Hampton! You were a delight and a surprise to begin with, and have been every day since! We love you and are so thankful to call you ours!

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Y'all, this just came in the mail yesterday and I almost don't want to wrap it up until Christmas. I read through the whole book last night, and it. Is. Amazing. The flow of the redemption story from Eden to Revelations is condensed (but not watered down) and presented in a conversational, kid-friendly tone. And the illustrations are gorgeous! I truly can't wait to read it to my kids. (The Biggest Story by Kevin Deyoung) #bestchristmasgiftthisyear #notanad

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Made a little side trip to see the church where we said "I do" 10 years ago. I am so very thankful for how God has blessed our marriage and grown us both over the last decade. #thankful #Godisgood (Photo cred Gus)

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We're making the trek to St. Louis today and this funny little one insisted on wearing his penguin costume for the ride. I took the opportunity to remind him how quiet penguins are -- especially in the car. #itdidntwork #notevenalittle

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We have a few best selling prints and growth charts on zulily today and tomorrow on sale.  Everything will ship to arrive for Christmas! 

Go here, then search Gus & Lula.

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When we talked about her big girl room (to be shared with her sister as soon as she comes home !), she had one request: pink everything. I'm just starting to put it all together, but so far her wish has been granted. ;) And apparently she likes it enough to try sleeping in her own room -by herself- for the first time in her life! #mamaforthewin #pinkeverything

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I used to think that I would only ever hang black and white photos on our walls. Is there some kind of rule about that? I don't know, but I finally decided that I don't care, and that I wanted to do what made me happy. And seeing these sweet faces in full color is it. (I still can't share our new daughter's beautiful face, so it's blurred for ig.) #nowtostraightenitallup

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When God in His amazing providence brings an Ethiopian family to your community that shares your faith, and also happens to be from the same tribe as your kids, that's pretty amazing.  When that family comes for dinner and brings you a stack of fresh injera, that's plain 'ol yum.  We had an amazing time fellowshipping last night, and Gus has not stopped asking for injera since. (He will eat it with other dishes, or rolled up by itself - he just loves the stuff!) My favorite part of the night was when we talked about our kids' birthplaces.  Our new friends' eyes lit up and they told us how that is the "crazy, party, fun part of Ethiopia". Well, that explains some things :) #feelingblessed #Godisgood #ethiopianadoption

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We loved apple picking with cousins yesterday. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family nearby!

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Gus has been stressing out about his five year check up for approximately 364 days. Both completely lost it when I told them it was today. But after an impromptu trip to the pharmacy to demonstrate that I could tough out my flu shot, they were champs! I didn't hear a whimper from either of them. (Or maybe it was the ice cream I offered them for being tough?) #briberyatitsfinest #soworthitthough #justthisonce

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Totally taking advantage of the fact that they still let me pick out their costumes. #ohthecuteness

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We are celebrating FIVE years of this creative, energetic, compassionate, FUN girl! She is our whirlwind, our firecracker, our sunshine. I am so thankful for her and can't wait to see what God does with her life. Happy birthday, sweet Gigi!

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