Praising God for His provision in the form of another adoptive family!  We are finally able to send the photo book we put together for our daughter with a family that is traveling soon!  We really have no idea how much she knows about us (if anything), so we are overjoyed to send her some photos to show her about our family.  I'm hoping she will feel loved and will know that we are excited to bring her home -- just as soon as we can!  #praiseGod #ethiopianadoption #adoptionrocks

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How Hammie does Kroger. #mustbenice #toddlerlife

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How Hammie does Kroger. #mustbenice #toddlerlife

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Shirts are also available in regular adult sizes, child and toddler sizes, and in dark gray. And the "why" of it all: After years of praying and waiting, we found ourselves holding tightly to two little babies in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  We thought traveling to pick up our children would be the end of our journey, but we found ourselves at the beginning of much more. In our five weeks in Ethiopia, we fell in love with the carefree culture and the warm, hospitable people.  But while there, we also learned about some of the hardships the people of Ethiopia face, particularly the children.  There are over 4 million orphans in Ethiopia, many who will never know the stability and unconditional love of a family.  This is especially true for older children.  After seeing glimpses of the reality of orphanages, we returned home compelled to do something.  After supporting orphan-prevention ministries and orphan care ministries in hopes of helping many, we now find ourselves pursuing just one.  One little girl with soft curls and a bright smile who lives on the other side of the world.  We've only seen pictures and a video or two, but already she has our hearts. We are privileged to add this sweet girl to our family, and are so thankful for your support.  Thank you for helping us to bring her home.  Every little bit means the world to us -- and her.

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Shirts can be purchased here: https://www.booster.com/gusandlula

We are ever so slowly moving closer to bringing our daughter home, one little step at a time. As we (hopefully) get closer to traveling to meet her, we are raising funds to cover travel and our last fees. These t's (hand-drawn by me) are available through Sept. 4. We truly appreciate your support in bringing our daughter home! http://ift.tt/1LnEAUC

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Shirts can be purchased here: https://www.booster.com/gusandlula


These two started pre-k4 today at a new school. They were so excited about the carpool line and getting to walk in to school by themselves. I'm sure by February I'll be excited about it, too, but today I may have teared up a little watching them walk in without me. Praying Joshua 1:9 for them today: "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

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"Mama, look at my belly button!" #ouch #why ?

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We're slowly getting settled into the new house and I'm still pinching myself that I was able to sweet talk the sellers into leaving this gorgeous cabinet.  #thanksmomanddad #didimentionthatweboughtfrommyparents #longesthashtagever

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This sweet girl has been sick since Monday night, unable to keep anything down.  She doesn't complain, and if you ask how she is, the answer is "good". Always. I've been thinking a lot about when she was so, so sick as a tiny baby in Ethiopia, and how fearful I was.  But God was there, and He was (and He is) good.  And I keep reminding myself that He loves her and cares for her better than I do.  I'm so thankful for this sweet little life He's entrusted to me, and so blessed by her in many ways.  #praisegodfromwhomallblessingsflow

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'Bout time for a haircut, dontchathink? #curls #hamptonbrooks

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She is wild and strong willed and challenging. But oh, her heart. God knew how much we needed to see her compassionate, selfless love for another, and so He gave us Hampton. I am so very blessed by their sweet relationship. Thank you, Lord, for them both.

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Admiring her still-chubby fingers and creamy brown skin as she learns to braid. We have a Hematology appointment in Atlanta today, which is always stressful and draining. If you think about it, please pray for us this afternoon! #lovethisgirl

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Guess what day it is!?! #dresslikeacowday

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Curls and monograms and chubby legs. #nothingbetter #southernbaby

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Starting to put together my girls' room. And of course, pink was the one and only request. So pink it is! I just hope our new daughter likes it also! (Small print is a sheet set from target that I was able to make two twin duvets from, larger print and elephant fabric are my design via #spoonflower.) It seems like a lot of pink, but there will be quite a bit of white (and other colors, too!) #feelinggirly

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We are rejoicing here today. See that envelope in Gus' hands? It's a copy of our dossier, which is on its way to Ethiopia! After months of chasing down documents, notarizing, certifying, losing documents in the mail and starting all over again, it is finished. Notarized. Certified. Authenticated. Mailed. And we are one (big) step closer to bringing our sweet girl home! #praiseGod #ethiopianadoption #soworthit

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Look at this sweetness. She is such a content baby. And she has such a pretty little face. #ilovebeinganaunt #newborn

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Look who got to meet her new baby cousin. She was fascinated with her tiny toes. #cousins

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After an eventful morning (lost my phone, got soaked parading three little ones through a parking lot in the rain at .004 mph to pick up a friend’s kiddo, located my phone and picked it up), I spent the last 30 minutes locked on the back porch (two stories up, screened in with no stairs) with three little ones, no phone, nothing with which to card in, not even a hair pin to pick a lock.  We all sat and watched Hampton through the window for 30 minutes, trying to convince him to open the door. He sucked on my phone the whole time. I lost it and started laughing, at which point Gus thought I was crying. (Only on the inside, buddy.) I finally managed to kick the door in (not even close to the first try), and we're back in. So we're good now. But my phone is unusable because there's some major saliva between the screen protector and the screen, and I can't get the otterbox case off.  And there’s no rice in the kitchen to dry it out (would grits work?!?). I broke my thumb nail (which may or may not have been useful in getting the case off) earlier in my 15 minute wrestling match with the 4th car seat I stole from my mom’s garage in the rain. So I’ve resorted to letting the TV babysit them all while I stand in the kitchen, slightly damp, spooning double chocolate moose tracks straight from the carton.  If I didn’t find it all so funny, I might just be crying :) #whyisthisdaypickingonme #thankgoodnessforicecream

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My newest niece, newly born. #nothingbetterthanthis

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