She is wild and strong willed and challenging. But oh, her heart. God knew how much we needed to see her compassionate, selfless love for another, and so He gave us Hampton. I am so very blessed by their sweet relationship. Thank you, Lord, for them both.

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Admiring her still-chubby fingers and creamy brown skin as she learns to braid. We have a Hematology appointment in Atlanta today, which is always stressful and draining. If you think about it, please pray for us this afternoon! #lovethisgirl

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Guess what day it is!?! #dresslikeacowday

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Curls and monograms and chubby legs. #nothingbetter #southernbaby

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Starting to put together my girls' room. And of course, pink was the one and only request. So pink it is! I just hope our new daughter likes it also! (Small print is a sheet set from target that I was able to make two twin duvets from, larger print and elephant fabric are my design via #spoonflower.) It seems like a lot of pink, but there will be quite a bit of white (and other colors, too!) #feelinggirly

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We are rejoicing here today. See that envelope in Gus' hands? It's a copy of our dossier, which is on its way to Ethiopia! After months of chasing down documents, notarizing, certifying, losing documents in the mail and starting all over again, it is finished. Notarized. Certified. Authenticated. Mailed. And we are one (big) step closer to bringing our sweet girl home! #praiseGod #ethiopianadoption #soworthit

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Look at this sweetness. She is such a content baby. And she has such a pretty little face. #ilovebeinganaunt #newborn

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Look who got to meet her new baby cousin. She was fascinated with her tiny toes. #cousins

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After an eventful morning (lost my phone, got soaked parading three little ones through a parking lot in the rain at .004 mph to pick up a friend’s kiddo, located my phone and picked it up), I spent the last 30 minutes locked on the back porch (two stories up, screened in with no stairs) with three little ones, no phone, nothing with which to card in, not even a hair pin to pick a lock.  We all sat and watched Hampton through the window for 30 minutes, trying to convince him to open the door. He sucked on my phone the whole time. I lost it and started laughing, at which point Gus thought I was crying. (Only on the inside, buddy.) I finally managed to kick the door in (not even close to the first try), and we're back in. So we're good now. But my phone is unusable because there's some major saliva between the screen protector and the screen, and I can't get the otterbox case off.  And there’s no rice in the kitchen to dry it out (would grits work?!?). I broke my thumb nail (which may or may not have been useful in getting the case off) earlier in my 15 minute wrestling match with the 4th car seat I stole from my mom’s garage in the rain. So I’ve resorted to letting the TV babysit them all while I stand in the kitchen, slightly damp, spooning double chocolate moose tracks straight from the carton.  If I didn’t find it all so funny, I might just be crying :) #whyisthisdaypickingonme #thankgoodnessforicecream

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My newest niece, newly born. #nothingbetterthanthis

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He has been reading all morning -in 20 second stretches- with a change of perch in between. #hewantstobeabigkid

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That hair!

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New zebra striped growth chart in the shop now. (Modeled by my very favorite Gus.) #growthchart #nurserydecor

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"Wandergebeit ist uberall". At least for this week in Germany that has been true for us. #myfeetarekillingme #toomuchtosee

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Unbelievably gorgeous Rhine river valley. Jaegerschnitzel. Eis. Castles and ruins and cathedrals. #bestanniversaryever

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This very special dress was just washed and put away for maybe the very last time. My mom made it back in 2012 for easter, and it was just a tad loose, and almost full length. My sweet girl wore it for the fourth easter in a row this year, and it was a bit tighter and much shorter (think Shirley Temple). I hope that one day her little girl will love it as much as i have, and will think of her great-ami when she wears it. #familyheirloom #handmadewithlove

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This one melts me. Nothing better than a #happybaby


So we braved a weekend at the farm with our sweet friends and nine(!) little ones. There were melt-downs and whining and boo-boos and sticky fingers and no running water, which made for a very interesting time with the sticky fingers and such. (Burst pipe, just our luck!) But there were good, thoughtful, sometimes uninterrupted conversations. And a few moment's that were just beyond precious, like this one. These two are such sweet friends and soaked up every second of our weekend away. We are exhausted and grimy and probably stinker than we realize, but we are so thankful for good, godly friends and the strongest of bonds we have in Christ.

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Happy (late) siblings day! I always pretended to dislike being the middle kid, but truthfully it wasn't all that bad. Especially with such awesome siblings on either side. Love you two! #siblingsday

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One more. Hampton just adores his daddy. When Keith's around, i might as well be invisible. And I'm OK with that. I happen to think that Keith is pretty wonderful, too! #daddysboy

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